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Calico Critters Arrive in South Miami

June 19, 2024 1 min read

In 1985, Japanese gaming company Epoch designed and released Sylvanian Families-- a line of fuzzy anthromorphic animal figures, dollhouses, and playsets. The toys were incredibly popular in the 1980s, even winning multiple toy awards. 

In 1993, the North American distributor for Sylvanian Families lost the naming rights and so the line was renamed Calico Critters in the USA and Canada and it remains as such today.

Today, the Calico Critters world is massive and well-loved by people around the world. 

Calico Critters are adorable. The animal figures are fuzzy, which makes them unique. The homes and the clothing are inspired by North America in the 1950s. The toys are often sold in Family Sets which include a mom, a dad, and children. Other family members are available in other sets like Grandparents, Twins, and Triplets.

One thing that is really incredible about Calico Critters is the impressive attention to details. The accessories are often incredibly detailed and thoughtful. Furniture is often interactive. 

These toys are perfect for inspiring imagination in children of all ages as evidenced by the viral SylvanianDrama account on Tiktok which creates adult-themed content with Calico Critters!

You can see our selection of Calico Critters Families, Babies, Playsets, Dollhouses, Furniture, and Accessories in our South Miami store or shop the collection online. 

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