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Wax Beads

Here are the different assortments of wax beads available. Place a few beads in the melting spoon per seal. You can blend the colors together or use multiple beads of the same color.

Each pouch comes with 2 ounces of wax beads.  

  • Assorted: Random mix of wax beads. Great for lots of color options and choices. 
  • Colorful Cute: Our signature blend features pastel colors that are super dreamy. Matte and shimmery beads. 
  • French Macarons: Featuring matte wax beads in pretty colors that remind me of the colorful macarons at the bakery. 
  • Galaxy: The dark swirls of the galaxy with white dashes like the stars. 
  • Gothic Fairytale: Matte and shimmery assortment of darker romantic shades. 
  • Metallics: An elegant collection of shimmery neutrals.
  • Miami Vice: A tribute to my hometown and the iconic aqua and pink the city is usually symbolized by. 
  • Ocean Waves: Just like the beach on a choppy day!
  • Orange Creamsicle: This shimmery blend is as magical as one of my favorite icy treats. 

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French Macarons
Miami Vice
Orange Creamsicle
Gothic Fairytale
Colorful Cute
Ocean Waves