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Smiski Exercising Series Blind Box

Purchase Limit 2 Boxes Per Series!

Smiski Exercising Series
Tiny glowing friends do their best to be healthy with you! 

Ever lack a work-out buddy? Smiski Exercising has your back. 6 tiny creatures are ready to help you keep to your health goals while keeping your workout entertaining! Featuring Smiski Dumbbell, Smiski Doing Crunches, Smiski Aerobics, Little Smiski Balance, Smiski Hoop, Smiski Stretch, plus a secret BUFF Smiski!!!

Smiski are curious creatures that love hiding in small spaces and the corners of your room. The best time to find them is at night when they glow in the dark!

Smiski come in randomly packaged blind boxes meaning it's a surprise which one you'll get. This listing is for one glow in the dark randomly selected Smiski blind box.