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June 09, 2018 2 min read

Founded in 1998, Re-Ment is a Japanese toy maker. But what makes Re-Ment really special and unique is they make miniatures! You know how everything generally becomes much cuter when it's tiny? Re-Ment is an expert at this perfect combination. So here's how it works.

Re-Ment will release a series. The series revolves around a particular theme like a specific type of food, a room, or even a business. They also make many themes which combine foods, rooms, or businesses with official licensed characters from companies like Sanrio, San-X, Nintendo, and more! The theme is then broken down into six or eight tiny sets that are packaged as blind boxes. You can buy a couple or try and collect the entire set.

The amazing thing about Re-Ment sets is the details. Although the pieces in a set are tiny and tinier, they are absolutely loaded with details. It is a delightful experience to open up a Re-Ment box. Most of the times, the set comes in a few pieces so that you can put together your part of the scene. Looking at these tiny little wonders and putting them together is a lot of fun and the finished product is so cute!

Because they're so small, Re-Ment sets are extremely popular among doll collectors. They are a great size for dolls like Barbie and Blythe and people love to create scenes with the doll and Re-Ment accessories for fantastic photos. They're also popular in dioramas and dollhouses. 

Most people collect Re-Ment for the pure delight of something small and tiny. Re-Ment sets often sit on desks and shelves as adorable displays. And because so many companies have partnered with Re-Ment, fans of particular characters really enjoy the unique interpretations of their favorite character Re-Ment offers!

Re-Ment has also made terrariums of many popular characters like Pokemon and Rilakkuma that are wonderful for collectors. They've imagined foods inspired by popular characters like Sumikko Gurashi and Gudetama. And they've created tiny bakeries and cafe's in character themes like Sailor Moon. 

Re-Ment offers a unique option for wonderful gifts as there's a Re-Ment set for any fan of cute!

Other than treating yourself to a Re-Ment blind box from our collection, the second best way to get to know the delight in opening a Re-Ment is checking out these wonderful YouTube videos:

Re-Ment Sumikko Gurashi Patisserie Unboxing (Complete Set)

Re-Ment Sakura Sweets Unboxing (Complete Set)

Re-Ment Pokemon Terrarium Series 1 Unboxing (Complete Set)

Re-Ment Sailor Moon Cafe Sweets Unboxing (Complete Set)

Re-Ment Gudetama Sweets Unboxing (Complete Set)



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