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August 30, 2017 2 min read

Succulents are everybody's plant crush these days and we totally get it. Easy to care for, incredibly diverse, and unusual to look at, succulents are wonderful plants. What exactly is a succulent? And what's the difference between a succulent and cactus? Well, a succulent is a plant with very fleshy leaves, stems, or roots because it stores water there. A cactus is part of the group of plants known as succulents-- so while a cactus is always a succulent, a succulent is not always a cactus! 

Because of their popularity, it's not surprising to find succulents as design elements on all kinds of different products. At Colorful Cute, we have some too!

Succulent Topper Pen

Succulent Topper Pen

These succulent topper pens are so pretty. There are four different designs. Each pen has a printed barrel with a succulent, a cactus, and/or text. They have a mint green pen cap that has a teeny tiny succulent topper too!

Cactus Pen

Cactus Pen

Unlike a real cactus, these cactus pens are a delight to hold. They are made of a soft silicone rubber and come in two shades of green. The darker one has an adorable yellow flower on top and the lighter one has a pink one!

Stay Away Cactus Pouch

Cactus Pouch

You're going to need a pouch to store your fabulous pens and this kawaii cactus one couldn't be more perfect. The back of each pouch says, "Stay away from me!" and comes in three really cute designs. 

Handmade to Order

Cactus Baby Blanket

We got this lovely cactus fabric in the other day and are working on a soft flannel baby blanket (pictured). We will also be making heating pads and throw pillows in this gorgeous cactus print so keep an eye on the Made in Miami section and come visit us at local events we advertise on Instagram. Other projects can be made to order like cactus napkins and table runners! Contact us via email at info@colorfulcute.com if you'd like to special order a handmade item.

Can't get enough succulents? Neither can we so we made a Pinterest board filled with fun succulent ideas. Follow us while you're there for more kawaii lifestyle pins. See you soon and keep it cute!



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