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October 16, 2022 3 min read

Cute, small, and customizable, Nendoroid figures are highly sought after anime figures. Newer collectors can have sticker shock when they see the prices on these small figures and wonder, "What's the big deal?"

Nendoroids are created by the Good Smile Company- a very respectable brand in the Japanese figures market. Nendoroids are very unique in the figures market in two ways. 

First of all, Nendoroids are insanely customizable. While each release is different, your classic Nendoroid often comes with accessories, interchangeable body parts, and even swappable face plates. This means you can play with your figure and pose it in lots of different ways. This is really fun if you're into figure photography or you like to change up your collection. Or maybe, you just like to play with your things!

The other thing that makes Nendoroids unique in the world of figures is the sheer volume of their catalog. Good Smile Company has produced almost 2000 different types of Nendoroids with no end in sight meaning if you have a favorite anime series or character, there's probably a Nendoroid for it. 

While the size of the catalog and their cute design reminds many people of Funko Pops, that's where the similarities end. Nendoroids are made with high quality materials and have lots of details. Nendoroids are also made in small batches making them quite collectible. 

So, why are Nendoroids are expensive? Newly released Nendoroids can range in price from around $80 to $120 depending on the license, the customization, the details, etc. For a figure generally standing under 4", it certainly seems like a steep price. As with many things out there, you definitely get what you pay for.

The Good Smile Company produces Nendoroids in small batches with high quality materials. The many accessories and body options included with a typical Nendoroid also affect the cost as does the fact that the figure is jointed in multiple locations which allows for extremely versatile posing and articulation. 

Good Smile Company has also developed a product line of accessories for the Nendoroids called Nendoroid More! This line of accessories includes themed outfits, face plates, and other accessories that allow you to bring even more versatility to your Nendoroid collection.

If you enjoy photographing your figures, Nendoroids are absolutely wonderful. Their dynamic poses, interchangeable face plates, and accessories allow you to recreate popular scenes or create your own visual story about your fave characters. 

If you think traditional figures are kinda boring and don't really understand the attraction, Nendoroids might be a better fit for you as you can play with them and change them up to your heart's content. Playing with your favorite Nendoroids can be a nostalgic throwback to when you played with dolls and action figures as a kid!

Speaking of dolls, Good Smile Company has recently created a new series in the Nendoroids line called Nendoroid Dolls. These figures include the traditional Nendoroid head but the body is a bit larger. Instead of the outfit being painted on the torso, the outfit is cloth. These dolls are also highly pose-able and come with a magnetic base and magnets in the soles of their shoes. 

The really neat thing about Nendoroid dolls is they come with a neck joint that allows you to swap the head with any existing Nendoroid so you can mix and match your existing Nendoroids with Nendoroid doll bodies and open up a whole new world of customization opportunities! 

For a more affordable option in the Nendoroids world, check out Nendoroid Swacchao figures. These are simpler Nendoroids that come with a chair. They're designed to sit on a shelf edge or on the included chair. These don't come with interchangeable body parts, accessories other than the chair, or faceplates so they tend to be in the $40 - $50 range. 

Make sure to check out our collection of Nendoroids and find your next figure today.

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